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Azul y Garanza “Manifesto”:
Love, Music, Wine & Revolution

We borrow the chorus from the song of «World Love», of Magnetic Fields, one of our favorite musical groups, to introduce you, because we feel it summarized in these four words, what Azul y Garanza means. Four simple words that together become a proper manifesto, our manifesto.



Love is, without a doubt, an essential ingredient in every project, but even more in one like ours. Love for the land and the nature, as we work our vineyards by the ecologic procedure, avoiding the use of pesticides, weed-killers, fungicides or any other synthesis that exhaust the land. Besides, by cutting single crop farming of, we have strengthened the biodiversity in our vineyards, planting almond trees, fruit trees and native bushes. all this in order to create a natural ecosystem which protect our vineyards from illnesses and improve the quality of the grape.

Also love to a landscape, the Desert of Bardenas Reales de Navarra, where our vineyards grow under harsh conditions such as extreme climate and a poor land, ideals to the obtaining of fine quality grape.

And in the winery, more of the same, because we made our wines in the traditional way and store it in concrete tanks.



Music, another really important element in our harvest thanks to the Ipod and its speakers. What can we do, we like music. Those long, never ending work days wouldn’t be the same without a good beat that pushes your feet to go one step further. A vast musical library, enlarged every year thanks to the priceless contribution of our friends, who, during the magical days of the harvest, unbrokenly come to pay us a visit. And let’s not forget the delightful sound of the nightingales that usually wander around our vineyards, a pure joy.



Wine, what can we say about wine? Is what we most like to do and what we do best. We have a very clear idea: our wines must be a true reflection of the place they come from, the landscapes in which they are born, and must have a perfect balance between their elements, all their fruity, mineral, vegetal, aging essence. How do we get this? Being patients, participating the less we can during the elaboration process of the wine, so it can express by itself all its personality.



The Revolution, and don’t be scared, is another engine in our project, and obviously in a figurative way, we are not going to take the Bastille. It’s for our revolutionary spirit that our vineyards are situated around a desert, that we made our wines traditionally in concrete tanks, or that we plant fruit trees and bushes wanting to strengthen the biodiversity of our vineyards; advancing step by step according to our ecologic vineyard and wine philosophy. In a world of stainless steel and chemical products, this is a revolution.


Everything we do is, of course, with the will to improve both our wines and ourselves