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The bodies of the wines

At Azul y Garanza we make quality wines taking great care as much in the cultivation of the vines, our methods are European certified ecological, as in the winery, where the wine is handcrafted in cement tanks. Our goal is to offer wines that truly reflect the landscape from which they come.


María Barrena

Thoroughly matured in the vineyards of Burgundy, Cataluña, and Navarre, María is a young enologist who puts balance and complexity into her job to achieve excellent grapes from our vineyards that she then converts into wines of the highest quality. New and surprising wines are always growing and fermenting in the bodega of her mind.


Dani Sánchez

Well-travelled and a little restless, Dani is a varietal of enologist who contributes to the production of our wine all of his ample experience macerated during his stays in Australia, Argentina, South Africa, and Priorato. A couple of stints in the press… and Dani is a wealth of knowledge and charm who has seduced wine lovers throughout the world.


Fernando Barrena

The words and images are the varieties with which Fernando works. Once fermented in the silence of the bodega, his ideas accompany our wines as fellow travelers.