What do explorers and dreamers have in common? Both are on the move, always hoping to see and do more things, both knowing that the best is yet to come.

Our spirit of adventure drove us to search for other terrains, cultures, and ways of understanding vines and wines. And we found magnificent places for growing vines, beautiful, full of life and biodiversity. Places that, while new to us, have a certain sense of familiarity coming from our very personal connection with each of them. These are places where our love for wine began and places that wine has taken us through that love.

Dreamed of Wines

Our wines are not only a faithful reflection of the place that they come from, but they also say a great deal about those who enjoy them, those who are one of us and share our dream.

Vitis Azul y Garanza
Rosa Azul y Garanza
Abril Azul y Garanza
Fiesta Azul y Garanza
Garciano Azul y Garanza
Seis Azul y Garanza
Desierto Azul y Garanza
Naturaleza Salvaje Azul y Garanza
Cabirol DIT Celler
Cabirol Rosé DIT Celler
Selenita DIT Celler
Selenita Nit DIT Celler
Oniric Blanc Entre Vinyes
Oniric Rosé Entre Vinyes
Funanbul Entre Vinyes
Funanbul Entre Vinyes
Altamente Altamente
Volalto Altamente

Vineyards of Biodiversity